ACDC Tickets – Money Talks, the Average Fan Walks


The legendary Australian band is celebrating 35 years of rock ‘n’ roll with a widely-anticipated Black Ice World Tour, which opens on October 28th at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The tour begins just a few days after the release of their new album, sold exclusively through Wal-Mart, on October 21st. The album’s first single, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Train” was released to radio on August 28 and immediately climbed to #1 at Rock Radio. The video is set to debut on September 19th.

This worldwide tour is the first since 2001. The tour kicks off a series of arena shows, and then it heads to Asia and Europe before returning to North American for a round of stadium shows scheduled for next summer. Tickets for upcoming dates will go on sale the weekend of September 20th through Ticketmaster, but no prices or specific details have yet been announced. The additional appearances throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia, are said to be announced shortly. For further information, you can visit the band’s website,

Although, the general public may have a difficult time getting their hands on some quality tickets for this tour since the launch of the new ACDC fan club, which offers special treatment, including select tickets, to those willing to shell out $40.00. These pre-sales and special sales only prevent loyal fans from getting to see the show; not to mention the fact that they give scalpers an ideal opportunity to cash in.

As a faithful follower, it is hard to admit, but it almost seems that ACDC is really in it for the money. First they sell exclusively through one store, a so-called discount store, in an effort to keep the CD industry alive and now they are setting aside special tickets for those who can afford their fan club membership. Of course you get special access to those little extras, but what about those who don’t want or need all their merchandise and prefer to see them perform? Furthermore, if this is the band’s way of overpowering companies like Ticketmaster that set aside premium tickets for other companies, like TicketsNow who offer incredibly over-priced tickets to those who can afford to avoid the mad rush for the best seats available, could they not have made the fan club free?

The tour schedule to date:

October 28: Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (Wachovia Arena)
October 30: Chicago (Allstate Arena)
November 3: Indianapolis (Conseco Fieldhouse)
November 5: Auburn Hills, Mich. (Palace of Auburn Hills)
November 7: Toronto (Rogers Centre)
November 9: Boston (TD Banknorth Garden)
November 12-13: New York (Madison Square Garden)
November 15: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)
November 17: Philadelphia (Wachovia Center)
November 19: East Rutherford, N.J. (IZOD Center)
November 21: Columbus, Ohio (Schottenstein Center)
November 23: Minneapolis (Xcel Energy Center)
November 25: Denver (Pepsi Center)
November 28: Vancouver (General Motors Place)
November 29: Seattle (KeyArena)
November 30: Tacoma, Wash. (Tacoma Dome)
December 2: Oakland, Calif. (Oracle Arena)
December 6: Los Angeles (The Forum)
December 10: Phoenix (US Airways Center)
December 12: San Antonio (AT&T Center)
December 14: Houston (Toyota Center)
December 16: Atlanta (Philips Arena)
December 18: Charlotte, N.C. (Time Warner Cable Arena)

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7 thoughts on “ACDC Tickets – Money Talks, the Average Fan Walks

  1. Ticket scalping is always a tough topic to cover. On one hand you got the fan who can’t afford to pay market demand for tickets. On the other hand you have all those fans that can and do pay the market demand for tickets.

    If no one wanted to pay over $35.00 for an AC/DC ticket the price would be $35.00. It’s not really the ticket scalpers or Ticketmaster pricing these fans out of a show. It’s the fans that can afford to pay more that do.

    I’m not saying you’re a bigger AC/DC fan if you’re willing to pay $300.00 for a ticket. All I’m saying is that there are plenty of AC/DC fans that will pay that much and I hope AC/DC gets their fair cut of whatever people are paying because without them, you have no ticket to sell.

    If you put together a band that had fans that wanted to pay $300.00 a ticket to see your shows, wouldn’t you want your cut of that. Who are you hurting – you made the music and the fans are willing to pay for it, so you should get your cut and the fans should go home happy that you gave them a $300.00 show.

    Look at it this way. A lot of people can’t afford to buy NFL tickets, hence the AFL. Lots of people can’t afford the market price demanded for major artists, hence the Indy music industry.

    It’s all fair market, good for the economy and the fans win in the end because they get new events and artist they can afford to go see.

    If there was no new demand created by high-end ticket prices beig too high for some and no new jobs/products to fill the new demand for a lower ticket price form of entertainment the economy would suffer.

    I think fair market price is good for the entertainment industry. It creates more jobs and events to fill the demand for low-cost entertainment events.

    But that doesn’t help the AC’DC fan that can’t afford a ticket to the show this tour. All I can say to them; check out some new music. You might find the next AC/DC at your local live music venue for a $5.00 cover charge.

    Let AC/DC enjoy the perks that come with years of hard work and dedication. They deserve every penny they can get out of their tickets if a stadium full of people is willing to pay that much.

  2. I can’t say I agree with that logic, but I think you missed an important part. It really isn’t so much the fact that tickets are expensive. It has more to do with the sneaky way they went about selling them, by making certain tickets available to an elite group that are willing to pay for the silly fan club membership. It’s a gimic to get people to join. Some people might only fans of their music and prefer to see them perform without being an active member on their message board or being coerced into purchasing their merchandise.

  3. Im a huge AC/DC fan loved them since i was a wee nipper and have seen them twice, im pretty dissapointed at the way AC/DC have treated their fanbase really and although some people will pay 300 dollars for a ticket i live in the uk and tickets for london show are £300 which is more like 600 dollars , well im sorry even though im a huge fan il be sitting this one out because to me obviously it isnt about the music anymore for the guys its about getting that last big paycheck before you hang up the boots.
    I just hope that they blow the roof off because for that price anything less will have them booed off stage .

  4. I totally agree with you. I am still somewhat hopeful that I might get a ticket for a decent seat at a show close to home, that is if they come any closer?! I’m patiently awaiting the release of the rest of the dates in hopes that I don’t completely miss out. I’m not impressed with the gradual release of the tour dates. I’m pretty certain they’re not flying by the seat of their pants.

  5. I think its shocking the price the big name bands are charging these days….It is all about the money…I think they (although its mostly to do with PR people and advisers) have forgotten or dont really care about the average fan who just wants to see them perform, which is, in a sense, dissapointing and frustrating. It is quite a hard one to comprehend though because when you think about it, if you were really famous and you had the chance to tottaly rake it in like that then you might. I love ACDC and I also love the Stones but at this point in my life I really couldnt see myself paying the ridiculous prices that are being asked…Bob Dylan was playing in Glasgow a few months ago and all he charged was £25 per ticket…

  6. cant believe real fans ars being priced out of this tour.absouloute disgrace £300 for a ticket on cowboy web sites who by the way are allowed too buy bulk numbers when the buying public and real fans like myself are restricted too 6 per person on a so called ligit site.

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